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    On March 4th I brought home my new Dane puppy. Long story short... an old co-worker of mine rescued him and once he was better he needed a home. I have two (medium/large) senior dogs already and I always said my next one would be a Dane however that was suppose to be a few years down the road. A little over a year ago I had Euthanize my pit bull she was a week shy of 5 years. She suddenly got sick and after several thousand in test and surgery it was determined she had megaesophagus and pyloricstenosis and had a poor prognosis. I wasn't sure I was ready for a new puppy but one look at this puppy and I had to have him. I drove a few towns over to pick him up and he was the sweetest little thing. I have had him for almost two weeks now and he is settling in. He is working on housebreaking with help from my senior dogs who are use to puppies. He is learning to sit and lay down. His worst habit is being mouthy and chewing on shoes even though he had his own toys scattered everywhere. Of course this is normal puppy stuff. He is 9 weeks old and weighs about 25-27 lbs and is 16" tall. His name is Paxton. Still trying to figure out a middle name for him since all of my dogs have had middle names... This is my first Dane so I have been doing a lot of breed specific research. I worked as a vet tech for 6 years so have a lot of general pet knowledge but I know Danes have specific needs.
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    Welcome! It makes sense that little Paxton would be mouthy, since it sounds like he missed that 7th week of littermate lessons in bite inhibition. Your other dogs may be able to help with that, but you'll have to be consistent about pausing play when he gets too rough. Everybody here loves pictures but unfortunately the forum is using brand new software which makes them impossibly tiny and we're all hoping that gets fixed pronto
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      I brought him home a day before he was 8 weeks. However my friend had him for a week before so he wasn't with his litter during the 7th week. He was with her 1 year old Dane and other dog. I figured he would be extra mouthy without his littermates during the last week. However once he has had more vaccinations I will bring him to puppy classes for socialization. He has already got better in just the short time I have had him so I don't think it will turn into a behavioral issue.


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        So cute, love his markings. Welcome!