Goldhill Great Danes is proud to present our newest AKC Blue babies! We have a total of eleven pups, 4 beautiful females and 7 very handsome young males.

Sire: Creek's Resolute Judge N Jury (DNA564285); CHIC#69700

Dam: Goldhill's Skye Blu Reign (CHIC#69701).

Both sire and dam reside on our 10 acre mini-farm with 6 fenced acres including 3 ponds to play in and around. From day of birth until they leave our home to go to their forever homes they are video'd once a week regularly and then we have special 'bonus' videos like when they first eat, their first trips outside into their roomy outdoor pen, and later when they are introduced to the rest of our pack of 4 other Danes. You can look for Equinegold's channel or search for Goldhill Great Dane puppies to see the videos on

Our pups are run through the Bio-Sensor Stimulation program from age day 3 through day 16. This provides the following benefits: 1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), 2. Stronger heart beats, 3. Stronger Adrenal Glands, 4. More tolerance to stress and 5. greater resistance to disease. This coupled with the fact that only the dogs that pass their OFFA tests with good or better and obtain their CHIC numbers, ensures that you are getting a quality, healthy pup to join in your family. For those of you who don't know, CHIC means the adults (2 or older) have been tested for Cerf (eyes), Hips, Immune (Thyroid) and Cardiac (heart). We require a passing grade of good or excellent to be able to join our breeding program.

We also enjoy showing our more 'perfect' Danes. The sire of this litter is currently being shown throughout our local region. the attitude of our sire and dam is that they have never met a stranger off property. They are both very loving and you just can't pet them enough.

Come join us and meet our newest litter and meet mom and dad. We and they love company and love to play (You will be especially loved if you are great at throwing a frisbee!). We pride ourselves on health, disposition and conformation. We offer a health guarantee. We sell only to those who have been screened either by phone or in person. If you want the best in health and attitude, you have come to the right place!

Contact: Cindy L Tucker

Area: KY, USA

Creek's Resolute Judge N Jury

Goldhill's Skye Blu Reign

Big Black - male

Buttercup - female

Green buckle - male

Harley pink - female

Hot Pink - female

Olive - male

Orange - female




Contact: Cindy L Tucker

Area: KY, USA

Expires June 19/12

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