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My son and daughter-in-law have 3 danes with one of them being adopted this past weekend. Morgan, the baby, shows her delight with the new addition. I wonder what the other Danes, Maleena and Cricket, were thinking while this was going on?
Thanks to Dale.

The sign says EAT after all.
Thanks to Dave.


Thanks to Debra.

Thanks again to Debra.

This is "The" Addie Bear after a day at doggie
daycare. She's a well behaved princess.
Thanks to Derek, Crys, and P-man.

Sharing a picture of my youngest daughter,
Cassie Mae, and her son, Beau.
Thanks to Belinda.

"Chloe and Shianne"
Thanks to Kathy.

Leia at 7 weeks.
Thanks to Kayla.

This is our son Caleb with our 14 week old Great Dane, Lucy.
Thanks to Lindsay.


Jules and Magic selfies, do you think they look alike?
Thanks to Patriot Danes.


Someone to watch over me...Simone protecting Vinnie in Paris, KY
Thanks to Paul.


Ryleigh and Brody - !3 months.
Thanks to Richard.


Shower Dane!
Thanks to Rosalyn.


Their names left to right are: Madison, Nadya, Jaegar & Blu.
Thanks to Tori.


Dora at 6 months.
Thanks to Stacy.


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